What is composite aluminum foil for automobile radiator

2021-05-26 04:34:31    319

The weight of automobile radiator can be reduced by 37-45% by using composite aluminum foil instead of traditional copper foil. Therefore, the Aluminization rate of other parts of automobile radiator, air cooler, condenser and evaporator in developed countries has reached more than 95%. However, most of the domestic radiators are still made of copper foil, which is in urgent need of replacement; The introduction of foreign technology must use composite aluminum foil, and at present most of them can only rely on imports. In 2003, the Ministry of science and technology / Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China took the new composite aluminum foil for radiators as a high-tech product to encourage Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs to invest in, so as to meet the requirements of China's rapid development of the automobile industry and ease the domestic tension between supply and demand. It is of great significance to save energy, improve environment and improve vehicle performance. It has great economic and social benefits for the construction of Liaoning new material base, the adjustment of Shenyang product structure and the localization of new automobile materials. The composite aluminum foil for radiator is made of Al Mn alloy as the core material, Al Si alloy solder with 10% coating thickness on both sides and hot rolling composite technology. The product is mainly used for automotive heat exchanger fins, which not only requires excellent surface quality, accurate size and flat plate shape, but also requires uniform structure and good forming performance, especially for the uniformity and weldability of coating. Northeast university undertakes the national scientific and technological research project, and has successfully developed the new technology of surface modification and rapid heating rolling. This scientific and technological achievement has won the Ministry of science and technology progress award; Won the national invention patent and National Invention Award; With independent intellectual property rights.